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Safe. Well Nurtured.
Educated. Engaged.

Reach higher heights in obtaining a brighter future.

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Maximizing Potential. Encouraging Curiosity. Fostering Growth.

We are committed to planting positive thoughts that will foster individual abilities to reach higher heights in obtaining a brighter future.



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The Future Starts Early

Planting the seeds of future success. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and explore in a safe and nurturing environment.

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6 Weeks - 16 Months

The perfect environment for your little ones aged 6 weeks to 16 months. Our nurturing and loving approach ensures that your child is in the safest hands possible.

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16 Months - 24 Months

We create a fun and engaging classroom environment that encourages children aged 16 to 24 months to learn through play and exploration. The early years are important to us.

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24 Months - 36 Months

Created with a personalized learning experience in mind, our children aged 24 to 36 months ensures a strong foundation for future academic success. 

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36 Months - 5 Years Old

Learn, test, and grow in an environment that nurtures child development. Our aim is to help children aged 36 months to 5 years old develop skills that will enable them to excel in the future.

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Every Child has the Potential to Thrive

Our teachers understand that a positive approach is the only approach.

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Our approach is holistic, focusing on the academic excellence, outstanding performance and overall development of our students. We take pride in upholding high standards and providing the best possible environment for our students to learn and grow. We are here to help sow the seeds of knowledge that will empower students to achieve their full potential.

Sowing Seeds Academy a Platinum Winner of Community Votes Richmond 2022 for Childcare Services  

Sowing Seeds Academy is committed to encouraging the growth and well-being of our children even into their higher education endeavors.  To that end, Sowing Seeds Academy offers a scholarship to a qualifying high school graduate who plans to “Sow positive Seeds” into the community.    

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What Our Parents Are Saying

We are committed to providing excellent education and ensuring that our students have a positive experience at our academy.

"As a parent, we entrust our greatest blessings to the staff of Sowing Seeds Academy. Our twins have been attending the center for 3 years now-the learning and the care they receive consistently exceeds our expectations. One of our sons requires “a little extra love” and has been blessed with awesome teachers that handle him with grace and they both love to attend. We love the fact that the staff understands that every child does not learn the same and they provide curriculum and activities that engages our children. They say it takes a village to raise children and that is a fact. So many thanks to the staff at Sowing Seeds Academy for the amazing work they continue to do and being an intricate part of “our village!”

Tiffani Howard

"My 3 year, who has never attended daycare before had her first experience at Sowing Seeds. She was embraced and shown a ton of love since the first day. At the end of her first day staff already knew her name and mine. This all made my heart feel at ease since this was her first experience at a daycare facility and I was very nervous. While attending, she has been potty trained, taught to try new foods, as she is a picky eater and learning a new milestone each day. "I love my teacher" is what she tells me each day and I love that experience for her. Sowing Seeds is a wonderful place and children/parents are made to feel as they are a part of a family"

Erica Robinson

"The Hargrove Boys absolutely LOVE Sowing Seeds Academy! We began our journey June 1, 2020 and have attended both the New Market and Laburnum locations. They’ve been full time, part time and after school attendees. The staff has nurtured our babies over the years and even helped with the daunting task potty training twin boys at the same time. The team is efficient and flexible to what your family may need and require; we have one twin that is super picky and won’t eat much of anything but the team has been accommodating in that aspect as well. The buildings are always clean and the staff is always welcoming. Oh, and if I can mention the summer program is top tier, the kids are booked and busy. Field trips every week, even my 10 year old loves it!"

Fatimah Smothers - Hargrove

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We Keep Kids Safe.
We Inspire Learning.
We Offer Peace of Mind.

Our aim is to create a place where children can learn, play, and grow together. We offer a range of activities that are both educational and fun, including music, art, games, and much more. With our daily pick-up service, parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands. We are committed to providing an enriching experience that will help your child reach their full potential.

Get Ready to Help Your Child Become Good Citizens and Active in their Communities

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