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our playgrounds are spaces loved by our children.   The play surfaces are safe and there are lots of fun things for them to do.   


Fun Learnig


It is known that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun.  That is why Sowing Seeds Academy encourages children to explore, create and to enjoy playtime.  Games such as patty-cake, construction worker, and playing house helps children learn to think creatively and interact socially.  Through play, they develop physically and discover emotional skills that direct them in how to process the world.

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Space to Explore and Create

Children need space to explore so, their imagination and their need for exercise, can be given room to grow. Our classroom arrangements provide our children the safe-space and visual stimulation they need to playout the many possibilities their minds present to them.   All while under the watchful eye and support of their teachers.    

Physical Space
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Let's Play Outside

Playground is a place for kids to explore, learn and have fun in a safe and imaginative environment. At Sowing Seeds Academy, we recognize the importance of playtime for the social, emotional and cognitive development of children. Safety is our top priority. Our playgrounds are designed to offer children the freedom to explore the world outdoors and spark their creativity through imaginative play. With different locations across the area, we are committed to providing safe and engaging space for children to thrive and grow.

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There are many reasons why children like being outside and as noted below, it is good for them.  


Sunshine exposure helps the body produce vitamin D, which strengthens bones and muscles.


Outdoor play helps children get the exercise they need to stay healthy.


Playing outside helps children build confidence, independence, and resiliency.


Children who play outside have better friendships and psychosocial health.

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