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Our goal is to expose your child to a variety of experiences that will develop him or her socially, emotionally, and educationally.



Provide a warm, nurturing environment in which the child’s individuality is recognized and supported by a loving and caring staff. This includes opportunities for physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.


Provide a warm, nurturing environment in which the child’s individuality is recognized and supported by a loving and caring staff. This includes opportunities for physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.


Provide challenging and individualized curriculum that encourages the child’s creativity and fosters a love for learning. Our program includes science, technology, engineering, art, and math.


Provide a wide variety of experiences which include field trips, computers, foreign languages, and special program such as puppeteers, musicians, and theater groups.


Provide open door policy in order to include our families and community in the educational process.


Foster the child’s feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.

Infant Classroom Experience

6 Weeks - 16 Months

An infant’s first year of life is critical to the child’s future development. At Sowing Seeds Academy, we provide an educational experience that optimizes that development. The teacher works to understand the child’s budding personality, patterns of behavior, signals for expressing wants, and style of interacting. With teacher encouragement, infants spend time on soft carpeted floors, free to move and explore their abilities. This allows infants to progress naturally and seamlessly through the developmental stages of lifting their head, turning over, sitting up crawling, standing, and walking.


Toddler Classroom Experience

16 months - 24 months

As a child enters the second year of life, exciting development occur. At Sowing Seeds Academy, the teacher’s role is to introduce activities to the children and watch each child’s interest in participating in that activity. Lessons are taught using songs, books, physical activity, sensory activity, and floor time. Teachers use well-researched curriculum for toddlers to help plan their activities.

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Pre-School 1

Pre-School 1 Classroom Experience

24 months - 36 months

Sowing Seeds Academy’s first level of preschool experience is an exciting one for the child. This is the first-time children will have a taste of formal group experiences with other children. Circle time, small group times and story time become a scheduled part of the day. Children learn how to sit in a circle and participate with others in singing songs, doing finger plays, repeating nursery rhymes, and dancing to music. They sing songs about colors, shapes, and numbers and they repeat the color, shape, and number words, learning them in a way that is fun and easy. They learn about up and down, near and far, over and under, big and little, all those spatial relations words that are so important to school readiness.

Pre-School 2

Pre-School 2 Classroom Experience

36 months - 5 years of age

In Sowing Seeds Academy’s Preschool 2 program children participate in small-group times daily devoted to oral language skills, listening, pre-reading, and pre-writing experiences. There is also time devoted to music, movement, and phonemic awareness. Group experiences introduces children to pre math concepts that include grouping small manipulative together by category, string them by size, shapes, and color, counting them, and matching them. This makes future formal elementary school math easier to comprehend because children will have had experience with real materials as a base from which to draw.

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School Age



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Academic Enrichment

Children attending local elementary schools have opportunities at Sowing Seeds Academy to include academic enrichment, exciting club activities, and the building of strong friendships with children from their neighborhood. They are with kids they know from their classrooms and their community. The friendships develop and mature as they spend afternoons, school breaks, and summer together working on homework in study groups, learning new skills and hobbies, or enjoying games outside on the playground.


Children are transported in Sowing Seeds Academy vehicles from public schools serviced by our school age program and on center organized field trips. Children are supervised at all times while being transported and vehicle safety rules are enforced. 

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